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My journey

Photo de Philippe-Olivier Éducateur Spécialisé

First holder of a DEC in arts and letters interpretation profile then studying literature at UQAM, early in my career I understood that what interested me in art was to understand the human being as a whole. After working as a bookseller for a few years during which I deepened my knowledge of psychology and intervention, it was in 2012 that I took the leap. 

It was with teenagers that my journey began thanks to the Mental Illness Foundation. For nearly a year, I traveled the roads of Quebec to meet young people in secondary 3-4-5 as part of an awareness tour on depression and mental illness called Solidaire Pour la Vie. . I then made the leap into homelessness prevention with Premier arrêt (First Stop), an initiative of the YMCA Centre-Ville. For more than two years, I worked with an adult population at risk of homelessness, dealing with mental health problems, substance abuse and in a very precarious situation. 

My professional career then moved to the South-West of Montreal where I worked as a street worker in the St-Henri and Verdun neighborhoods for the TRAC organization for 5 years. I had the opportunity to accompany a variety of exceptional individuals, teenagers, adults and seniors, on a daily basis, in the vagaries of their journey. Whether it is in the prevention of STBBIs and consumption, in harm reduction, to break their isolation, or to support them in their efforts, in a suicidal crisis, in pain or happy, it is in openness and non -judgment that I was present for them.


Now working in the private sector, I have developed through my experiences an approach rooted in reality, focused on the needs and pace of the individual. Recently settled in the beautiful Mauricie region, I bring with me a wealth of experience that I want to share with as many people as possible. I offer my services to anyone aged 14 and over who needs support, listening and accompaniment to face the challenges that life presents. As an educator, my primary goal is to help you develop the necessary tools and knowledge so that you no longer need my services! 

  • DEC Arts and Letters: Performing Arts;

  • DEC Special Care Counselling; 

  • Certificate in psychology (in progress); 

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