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Champ de blé

evaluation meeting


$120 tx. included + mileage

Virtual meeting also available

observation or follow-up meeting

$70 tx. included per hour + mileage

It is possible to make an appointment for more than one hour at a time.

Virtual meeting also available. Certain exceptions may apply.

Champ de blé
Balles de foin

travelling expenses

I charge a flat rate of $0.60 per kilometer. Below 25 kilometers, no fees are charged. Beyond 25 kilometers, the first 25 kilometers are free. Charges are calculated and shown when the invoice is sent to you.

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IVAC and CNESST mandates

As a CNESST service provider, I am able to accept mandates from either organization. If you are covered, the cost of our meetings could be reimbursed in full.

insurance receipt

As a member of the RITMA group, which brings together alternative and complementary medicine practitioners and therapists, I am able to issue naturopathic receipts for support intervention or stress management. You can therefore check with your insurance compagny if special care counselling or naturopathy is covered and I will issue the receipt accordingly.

Champ de blé
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