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Special education follow-up

Making appointments

Several options are available to you: 

  • You can contact me by phone at 438-389-6839;

  • You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I will contact you by email; 

  • You can send me a message via my pageFacebook;

  • You can use the online dating platform that can be found on my profilePsylio;

Observation meeting

Whether at home, at school, or any other environment deemed relevant, we will use these sessions to refine the objectives and means of the intervention plan. Indeed, for certain more complex situations, observation meetings in the living environment will sometimes be necessary. They will make it possible to deepen the understanding of the dynamics and the needs associated with them.

Duration of follow-up

There is no predetermined length of follow-up. You are free, at any time, to stop or maintain it. The intervention plan will be reviewed sporadically to reflect changes in your situation, as well as new needs that may emerge. 

Evaluation meeting

This first meeting will help us assess the situation. We will discuss together the needs, both physical and psychological, that could be associated with it. This is when we will identify goals you would like to achieve as well as potential ways to achieve them. From this meeting, we will begin to outline the intervention plan.

Follow-up meeting

Through more traditional individual intervention meetings, or through accompaniment or educational activities, follow-ups are the heart of the journey. It is during these moments of discussion that the intervention plan will be set in motion.

Place of meetings

For face-to-face meetings, I can welcome you to my office in Trois-Rivières. I can also travel to your living environment (home, work, school, etc.). This mode of meeting is offered for residents of Mauricie and some towns in Lanaudière and Centre-du-Québec. Videoconference meetings are offered for the entire province. 

Clinical support

Individual meeting

Do you feel stuck in one or more of your follow-ups? Do you feel overwhelmed by your professional activities? Do you have the impression of stagnating and need to be stimulated or challenged in your interventions? You simply need an external perspective on your practice? 


With one meeting per month, I offer community workers and specialized educators a clinical space to distance themselves from their follow-ups and learn to question their interventions. 

Group meeting

Are you a community organization and feel that your team of stakeholders needs an outside perspective to reflect on its interventions? Are you a group of community workers or specialized educators and want to organize a space for clinical discussions but don't know where to start? I offer a service of facilitating clinical meetings and group supervision in order to develop you in your professional practices. 

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